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The Modern French Crêpe

authentic CRêPEs × GLUTEN-FREE × mostly organic × DIRECT FROM FRANCE


Located in Las Vegas, La Maison de Maggie is a purveyor of French dining from the esteemed Chef Maggie Reb.



La Maison de Maggie opened in December 2015 and is located across from the Desert Breeze Park, near Spring Mountain and Durango Drive. Maggie is serving both quality interpretations of classic crêpes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of French cuisine.

Designed by Maggie herself the restaurant's interior reflects the French countryside atmosphere and the surrounding areas while also paying tribute to Marseille's stories past. The restaurant also offers seating at the bar where guests can watch the art of French cuisine as it occurs in the open-kitchen dining room. 

Our galette and crêpe recipes only include authentic French buckwheat (sarrasin) and wheat flour (farine de blé) which are imported from France along with our unique flavors such as mint (menthe) or grenadine syrups and vanilla chestnut jam.

We know that shipping high quality French ingredients from over 6'000 miles (9'650 kilometers) is certainly not the cheapest way to prepare crêpes! However it truly is the only way to maintain authenticity and that is the price we are willing to pay to give you the best experience. A crêpe at La Maison de Maggie is exactly how it would be if you were seating in a crêperie in France.

We aim to give you more than just a place to dine and partake in unique flavors - we sincerely hope to bring you a cultural experience...




(702) 823-4466



3455 S Durango Dr
Suite 112
Las Vegas, NV 89117



Mo-We-Th 9am–4pm

Fr  9am-8pm

Sa 8am-8pm

Su 8am-3pm

CLOSED on Tuesday

For your Dinner after 6pm or any special event you want to share with us please book your table at 702.823.4466. Merci !